5 signs you need help for your essay writing - 2022 Guide




There are a number of prerequisites which need to be kept in mind while writing your essay. In order to get admission in a reputable institute, you should not only demonstrate good grades in your academic career but also be able to create a long-lasting impression on the admission committee with your admission essay. 


For some people, writing an essay is a nightmare. Instead of considering it as a joyful or pleasant mental activity, they begin to feel stressed out and experience a nervous breakdown when faced with the task of essay writing. 


Whether you are trying to spot weak employees in your team or screen out candidates during an interview, identifying the potential bad essay writer is a big responsibility for the managers. Similarly, when it comes to essay writing, no one would ever want to give the assignment to a writer lacking basic essay writing skills, because then you will have to waste your time trying to fix their mistakes. 



There could be a number of reasons for your bad writing style and you might need a professional essay writing service if there are any of the following weaknesses in your essay writing. 

Professional essay writing can save you time and effort in crafting your paper. 



  • Consistent Syntax


 No reader likes to read the similar grammatical structure being followed in a piece of writing because it makes the writing quite monotonous, boring, and uninteresting. Similar syntax being followed in an essay is a red flag that you need the help of a professional essay writer as you might not be able to justify the purpose of essay writing.

So make sure to switch the syntax throughout your essay. You can use prepositions for this purpose as prepositions can prove to be your best friends. 



  • Misuse of Words 


A significant reason why writers fail in writing an effective essay is because they have a limited vocabulary. A proficient writer never makes the mistake of writing an essay with poor use of language and vocabulary, instead they manage to use standard phrases in their essay. There are students who lack the ability to use the right objective at the right place and quite frequently make the mistake of using words which apparently seem right in that place. The incorrect choice of  words and erroneous grammatical structure altogether changes the idea of what they are trying to express. An example could be using the word ‘ delicate’ instead of ‘ diligent’ or ‘discrete’ instead of ‘discreet’. 



  • Run-on Errors


The long-winded essays usually have a huge probability of run-on errors. You have to know that your writing skills are not up-to-the-mark if you frequently use run-on sentences, especially while writing a professional piece of paper. Instead of thinking about where you need to place a semicolon or comma in the lengthy sentences, try to make use of shorter and more clear sentences to get the job of essay writing done. 



  • Adverb Overload


An adverb is a word that describes or modifies a verb, an adjective, another adverb, or a whole group of words which demonstrates a place, time, manner, degree or cause. According to the author Stephen King, “the road to hell has a lot of adverbs in it”, and this is another major mistake made by an amateur essay writer. The worst writers are those who over-use the verbs which end with ‘ly’ as a regular part of their writing. You need to swap the usage of adverbs for a more authoritarian language use. 



  • Being slow and not open to edits     


Before getting released, a document needs to pass through the eyes of two proofreaders. It opens the channel for more editing, a more refined state and polished form of the essay. Poor writers are not able to digest negative criticism, hence they begin to make their writing suffer. One of the best ways to make use of your writing is to seek help from others. 

An incompetent writer has poor research skills and is unable to assemble the relevant content in a timely manner. Similarly, such writers are also slow in writing because they take too much time in writing an essay, especially when there is a short deadline. A good writer, on the other hand, can  write even a doctorate level essay in a given time. A bad writer's work keeps on getting rejected by the supervisors due to poor writing skills or failing to meet the deadlines. 

Writing a paper requires extensive research, proficiency in grammar, and diverse vocabulary. Personally, I always prefer that I write my essay by myself without any outside help since I know my subject better than anyone else. But many applicants and students are widely using the best essay writing services throughout the world because not all the students can write an essay in a comprehensive and timely manner. 


If you still want to write for yourself, then you really have to compete with the professional writers because they are the ones with the best writing skills and most of the students are on constant watch-out to use their services to avoid the unnecessary burden. 


The main task of an essay writing service is to help in keeping you from hard and, for the most part, futile work. If you are looking for how to construct the right piece of writing, with legitimate presentation, appropriate length, textual styles and organization, feel free to take help from professional writing services to get a flawless outcome. Why pick obscure words, why invest endless energy into several sentences when you can have your task completed in the blink of an eye. 


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